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Student Wellness Fund Plan FY24

Hillsboro City Schools
Student Wellness and DPIA Fund Plan FY24


Goal: Improve student social/emotional wellness and the factors that impede attendance, academic
progress, discipline, and graduation of students from high school.

1. DPIA Grant Initiatives
a. Mental Health Services
i. District Social Worker - 1
ii. School Psychologists – 2
iii. TRC Mental Health – Teacher - 1
b. Physical health care services
i. School Nurse and LPNs - 3
c. Credit Recovery
i. Online Curriculum – Edmentum 6-12

2. Student Wellness Grant Initiatives
a. School Counselors in each building - 3
b. Physical Wellness – Physical Education Teachers - 2

3. Community Liaison – Superintendent and Counselors attend community meetings

i. Children and Family First - Monthly
ii. Rotary - Tuesdays
iii. Business Advisory – quarterly
iv. Wellness meeting – quarterly