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Medication at School

(ORC 3313.713)


Medication at School (ORC 3313.713)

No student is allowed to provide or

sell any type of medication.

Students are not permitted to carry any medication on them at any time. If a student is required to take medication at school, it will be stored in a secured location.

The Board of Education shall not be responsible for

the diagnosis and treatment of student illness.

Students are not allowed to self-medicate. Parents may come to school to administer medication to their child; otherwise, only designated school personnel will administer medication to students.


Prescription Medications

forms may be picked up in the clinic or office of your childs school. NO MEDICATION WILL BE DISPENSED WITHOUT THE PROPER DRUG FORM.

Prescription medication to be taken at school should remain in the original container and must b

e labeled with a pharmacy label, which includes the students name, the date, the name of the medication, and the time and intervals the medication is to be taken.

The prescription drug form is to be completed by the doctor before any medication will be gi

ven to your child. The completed form and the medication is to be brought to the clinic by a parent or an adult designated by the parent and given to an appointed school official. The parent or guardian must submit a revised physicians form if any of the information changes.

Students are permitted to carry, and self-medicate with, asthma inhalers and epinephrine autoinjectors, provided the student has a completed physician

Nonprescription Medications

s form on file in the clinic stating such. The parent, or guardian will provide backup medication to the clinic in the event the student leaves the inhaler or autoinjector at home.

Before any nonprescribed medication may be administered, the Board of Education requires parents to complete the Parent Request

form for school personnel to administer nonprescription medication at school, which includes a waiver of any liability of the District for the administration of the medication.

Any student in grades K-12 may have non-prescription medication administered b

personnel when the parent request form is on file in the clinic. Nonprescription medication must be in its original, unopened container and is to be delivered to the clinic by a parent or an adult a parent designates.

y authorized school

Because nonpres

proper dosing, school personnel will not be held liable for improper dosing by following a parent

dosage request. School personnel will not administer a dosage that exceeds the maximum manufacturers dosage without a physician

cription medication manufacturers recommend consulting with your physician for s s order.

Many students are able to attend school regularly only through effective use of medication in the treatment of chronic disabilities or illnesses that will not hinder the health and welfare of others. We strongly recommend that medication be administered at home. If this cannot be done, any student who is required to take medication during the regular school day must comply with the following policy and procedures:


General Guidelines