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     Talking with Kids About News  


KNOW! The new line of nicotine products enticing the youth

Help teens KNOW! How to set dating boundaries

Know! Love is Respect

February Newsletter

Know! How to keep kids focused if Divorce occurs

Know! How to Fight Teen Depression

Know! The red flags of teen depression!

Teens are NOT so Footloose and Fancy-Free


Mean Girls 2

Mean Girls

Underage Drinking

Child Health Habits

Youth Suicide

MOMO Challenge

Holiday Blues

Gift of Kindness


Sexual Assault Prevention

Alcohol and Sexual Assault

No Lawnmower Parenting

Key Skills for Academics

Underage Drinking

Alcohol Awareness


School Violence

Teen Dating and Relationships

Tide Pod Challenge

Cell Phone Contract

What's Hidden In Plain Sight 2

What's Hidden in Plain Sight 1

Empathy Prevents Bullying

End Bullying

Transition Increases Risk

Weed Awareness



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