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Spanish Club: Field Trips And Activies

Spanish Club: Field Trips

In an effort to showcase the culture of Spanish America and other parts of the world, the Spanish Club will take an annual field trip. Here, you will see the documentation of these trips as well as the many activies the Spanish classes do. Pictures are taken by various students and members who are acknowleged for those pictures. Thanks people!


April,5, 2016 Fieldtrip to Cincinnati Art Musuem and With A Sidetrip to a Park for Lunch:
Photo(s) by Kemmy H

Some geese just swimming. (Just keep swimming just keep swimming....)

Ducks eating the leftovers of an empanada.

A painting by a Spanish artist. (Dat mustache...)


Summer 2015 Fieldtrip to Spain:
Photo by Riley Moberly

Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso (Whatever you do- don't get lost in that amazing palace!)

November, 29, 2016 Spanish club celebrates the day of the Dead 

  Photos by Hedi Cox  

Memebrs of the Spanish Club enjoying food and crafting worry dolls 

Worry Dolls
What a basket of adorables! These are the worry dolls made by the Spanish Club

Janurary, 25, 2017 Pico de Gallo

Photos by Hedi Cox

Pico1 pico2

Together, club members make Pico de Gallo. Pictured are: (left photo) Emma Hess (far right), Secretary Kemmy Herman (pink skirt), (right photo, starting at front of table going clockwise) Mackenzie Cooper, President Bailey Lucarello, Tebecca Howard

?  Field Trip to Jungle Jims

Photo by Heidi Cox


Jungle Jims has a vast selection of exoctic cheeses. Many of the cheeses cost around twenty dollars,  but are VERY delicious.






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